Why should I hire a web site designer?

Its convenient and saves time. You can develop your own website if there is ready expertise and you have ample of time. Designing a website requires various tools and modules and its expensive to do on your own. Consider graphic design, copywrite, application design, scripting, programming and other tedious works involved, it only make sense to hire a web designer. A web designer takes responsibility in making sure all these aspects are well performed.


I would like to have my own website. How do i begin?

Firstly, you should have registered domain name of your company and a platform to host your website. If you do not have it yet, we will do it for you. Moving on, you have your ideas and concepts on the outlook of the website, so just submit to us all necessary information. You should, beforehand, decide on the following :

  • What you want on the website
  • Your goals and objectives
  • What you want to accomplish
  • Organize your ideas into topics


What materials do i need to give to you ?

Before we land on any project, we would like you to provide us with as much information related to your company and your products/services. You can provide your company's profile, your business plan, a write up about your company and supporting images/photos that we can publish. There are extra modules such as calculator, flash based menu and photo stocks that we can include on your website, but you may need to pay additional fee.


I have a website already but i am not happy with the layout and contents. Can you help ?

Certainly we can. You may have a static website and you would like it dynamic. You want to completely revamp your website to suit your expanding business. Or you want to change the layout of your current website. We can re-design your existing website to give it an improved look and quality.


You have few packages namely basic, standard, professional and enterprise. If i choose a basic package now but want to upgrade later, is it possible ?

Very much possible. Some companies start small and they choose basic or standard package initially. As your business expand and your customers grow in numbers, you may want to have advanced package that could offer more in the area of quality and flexibility. We offer flexibility for you to upgrade to better package that could improve your business operations.


How do you charge for your products/services ?

While we do not charge cheap, we also do not ask for exorbitant fee. All our products are reasonably priced to cater to all level of businesses. We negotiate on best terms that assure you good quality product. We do not compromise on lower price because it will result in delivery of sub-standard product. You can click on "Request for Quote" link to compare our packages and get a no-obligation quote at any time.


Our serious concern is on customer service and after-sale service. How do you fare on this ?

While some companies think that their job is done when a project is completed, we do not rest in laurel. Our philosophy is simple, we need our clients to keep us in business. We guarantee full back up and immediate response to all our clients' website problems. We back our claim with response within 2 hours from the time you make your complain, failing which we provide our service free of charge.


I am away from your country. Is it possible for me to engage you to design my website ?

Distance is not a barrier in this internet world. All transactions, information sharing and materials delivery could be done on the internet.


The answer to my question is not in the FAQ. What shall I do?

In case your question is still not answered, kindly contact us and we would be glad to assist you.


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